Most of us women have definitely experience being catcalled. And we do not like it.

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For an instance, you’re just walking down the street, mining your own business, when suddenly someone calls your ass “yummy” or make inappropriate sounds when you walk pass them. If you think by making those kind of remarks are compliments for women, it is not! On the contrary, it makes many women feel uncomfortable and unsafe.

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Meet Lindsey, Minneapolis resident has taken these feelings into her own hands. The 28-year-old, whose Craigslist ad went viral last year after she was harassed on the street, had the idea for Cards Against Harassment. Women can download and print funny, business card-like pieces of paper that explain to their catcallers why their actions may be unsavory.

Watch these two videos she recorded secretly of men, who have made inappropriate remarks while she was just walking down the street, she films the interaction and blurs out faces.


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