The gorgeous and stylish Louise Roe (Photo credit: Viacom)
The gorgeous and stylish Louise Roe (Photo credit: Viacom)

Just a few weeks ago we spoke to the fabulous host of MTV’s Plain Jane, Louise Roe about style and self-esteem as well as the filming process of the reality style transformation show. In the second part of our fun little chat with the articulate TV presenter, Louise shares her favourite summer trends, what products she swears by (she’s got amazing skin by the way!) and perhaps, the most important advice a professional stylist could ever impart – the best way to tell someone their outfit isn’t flattering.

Your favourite trend this summer and your summer must haves.
I’m really loving all the sorbet colours. Lemon yellow, pistachio green, a little peach and I think a pop of those on accessories like a cute little cross body satchel or a little flat looks really gorgeous. I also just love really chunky jewelry at the moment. So not spending too much but huge earrings and statements rings and stacked bangles. I literally Instagrammed a picture this morning of the jewelry I’m wearing today and I just love stacking up all these bright bracelets.

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Louise, all decked out in her favourite trends this summer (Photo via

Is there a trend that you think shouldn’t exist?
[Laughs] Many! I cannot stand the flatform shoes – those kind of chunky flat platforms. I think they are so unflattering on everybody and they kind of like, were very nineties and I wish they died in the 90s.

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Louise’s fashion no-no (Photo via

What’s your biggest fashion regret?
I definitely made mistakes and I think it’s part of the experimentation and having fun with it. I definitely wore too much bright eye shadow in the 90s and I definitely copied the Spice Girls and I had really low baggy trousers with those thick chunky trainers but at the time, I thought I was the coolest thing in the whole world and I had fun so I don’t really regret it, I just laugh at it.

Some people have bad beauty habits like picking their pimples. Do you have any bad beauty habits you can’t break?
[Pauses] Hmm, I’m addicted to dry shampoo. I suppose it’s not like the worst habit. TRESemmé makes a brilliant one. I always have a mini can in my handbag. I love wearing false lashes without eyeliner. I’m not too bad!

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(Photo via

You always look so fresh – what are some of your beauty secrets and favourite products?
Thank you! I like to exfoliate two or three times a week and there’s plenty of great products. There’s one by DNA that I really like. Again Boots No. 7 does one. I will always do a mask especially when I’m travelling I have a really hydrating face mask – there’s one by Sisley which is a rose face mask that’s really soothing for your skin especially if you travel a lot. Rodial makes a great day cream that has SPF15, I make sure that whatever I put on my skin it always has SPF in it. Instead of foundation, which I find a bit heavy, I wear – there’s a Lancome tinted moisturizer. Again, it has SPF in it I like to wear that everyday because it’s protective but it always gives you a little bit of a glow.

Louise’s favourite beauty products (L-R: Rodial Stemcell Super-food Day Cream, Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask, Boots No7 Radiance Exfoliator, DNA Phyto Lipid Hydrating Scrub, Lancome Imanance Tinted Moisturiser)

What’s the most polite way to tell someone their outfit isn’t working out?
That’s a very good question. It’s always good to have an alternative immediately. If you’re going to upset someone a little bit and say ‘That’s not that flaterring’ or ‘I don’t know about that colour on you’ then you always should say, ‘But you know what instead, how about this colour?’ or ‘How about this skirt instead because I think it would make your waist look tiny’. So always have a backup ready.

Who are your fashion icons?
I love women from the 1970s. like Lauren Hutton, Farah Fawcett and Ali McGraw. They have such a simple elegance. They could wear a white shirt and denim shorts and would still look so chic.

What’s your favourite city to shop in?
I think London is pretty unbeatable. London has great affordable stores and places like New York and Paris are great, but they are not as affordable and I’m all about getting a bargain.

London calling (Photo via
London calling (Photo via

What are your other interests and how do you like unwind?
I love to play sport, I love to horse ride and ski and play a little tennis. I love old movies. To unwind, I either go to the spa or have a massage or go to the bar and have a cocktail.

What’s your fashion mantra?
I have a couple but mainly, don’t follow a trend head to toe off the runway – don’t be a fashion victim. Take the little parts of the trend and mix it in with your own style so you feel comfortable.

Season 3 of Plain Jane airs on MTV (Astro Channel 713) every Monday at 9.30pm (MAL), 8.30pm (SG/HK) and runs through to late September.

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