Kampachi Troika
Kampachi at The Troika

Authentic Japanese restaurant Kampachi by Equatorial is serving up a taste of Okayama Prefecture and we were fortunate enough to sample five of its dishes at The Troika. Located in the southern part of Japan, Okayama is known for its abundant produce such as white peaches, grapes, rice and white Chinese chives. Using produce flown in from Okayama and the rest of Japan, Kampachi has crafted a seasonal Okayama a la carte menu as well as a fixed course menu that will not only tantalise your taste buds, it will transport you to Japan’s Kingdom of Fruits.

The A la Carte menu

The Okayama a la carte menu consists of nine dishes starting from RM25++ to RM65++ per dish. From this menu we sampled three dishes, Okayama Yasai Salad with Goma Dressing, Togan no Ebi Soboro Ankake (Okayama Winter Melon & Mince Prawn with Thick Sauce) and Air-flown Okayama Seedless Pione Grapes.
Okayama Yasai Salad With Goma Dressing
Okayama Yasai Salad With Goma Dressing, RM35++
The salad was a refreshing mix of green asparagus, tomato, yellow chive, spaghetti squash and endive served with a sesame dressing. The highlight of this dish was definitely the freshness of the produce. Every bite was full of flavour and it was without a doubt a clever way to showcase Okayama’s produce on a plate.
Okayama Togan no Ebi Soboro Ankake
Okayama Togan no Ebi Soboro Ankake (Okayama Winter Melon & Mince Prawn with Thick Sauce, RM32++)

The Okayama Winter Melon & Mince Prawn with Thick Sauce boasted subtle flavours with a smoky aroma from the prawns. If you’re not into bold flavours, then this dish would definitely appeal to you. For me however, this dish was overshadowed by the others in the menu.

Okayama Hakuto & Pione
Okayama Hakuto (Air-flown Okayama White Peach, RM60++) & Pione (Okayama White Peach and Seedless Pione Grapes, RM38++)

While most were looking forward to tasting the famous Hakuto white peach, we were served instead with three very large Pione grapes. This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous but they were the best grapes I’ve ever had in my life and I’m afraid no grape will ever come to close to these ones. The grapes were crisp and juicy but the highlight was, it tasted as if it was soaked in wine. Sounds bizarre? You really have to try it.

The Course Menu

Besides the a la carte menu, customers can also choose to savour a course menu that offers seven dishes for RM250++. From this menu, we sampled the Okayama Nama Gaki Ponzu (Fresh Okayama Oyster with Homemade Japanese Citrus Vinaigrette) and Salmon Carpaccio (Thinly Sliced Raw Salmon rolled with Okayama Tomato, Asparagus & Yellow Chives served with Wasabi Dressing).
Okayama Nama Gaki Ponzu (2 pieces)
Nama Gaki Ponzu (2 pieces) – Fresh Okayama Oyster with Homemade Japanese Citrus Vinaigrette
When this dish arrived, we were all amazed by the size of oysters. Not only were they massive, these oysters tasted so fresh – having been air-flown on the day we had it – and the citrusy vinaigrette accompanied it beautifully.
Okayama Salmon Carpaccio
Okayama Salmon Carpaccio

Next up was a dainty little dish that came in the form of salmon carpaccio. The fresh salmon was served with tomatoes, asparagus and yellow chives with a yummy wasabi dressing. Overall, this dish was faultless.

The Okayama Course Menu will only be available for one night at each of the Kampachi outlets. That means, if you want to have it more than once, be sure to take note of these dates:

  • Troika – August 25th
  • Pavilion – August 29th
  • Plaza 33 – September 1st
  • Johor Premium Outlets – September 1st

* The Okayama Promotional Menu runs from August 22nd – September 15th, 2014.

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