We had an amazing time at Good Vibes Festival 2014 despite the fact that it kept pouring repeatedly throughout the day. From attempting Hotlink’s BagJump and grooving to awesome music at Heineken’s Starclub to getting our shoes stuck in the serious mud situation and watching some of the much-awaited acts perform, we’ve been there, done that! Have you? 😉

We were going around taking style snaps of some females who looked really comfortable in their own skin besides flaunting their outfit, but we only managed to snap a couple shots before it started raining again. Then, the sky just turned really dark. Boo! Anyway, check out our photos down below!

sheila zain

Instagram handle: lovebirdie

jazz fang

Instagram handle: jazzfang

lee sin wah asdasd

Instagram handle: leevisjeans

amanda tan

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Here’s what the Lipstiq writers Carmen and Isabel wore for the #goodvibesfest!

isabel aiudajod

Instagram handle: isabelclaudet


Instagram handle: carthemen

Carmen Chong
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