The Watch Atelier has opened its first standalone boutique Malaysia.


Hosting a grand opening on 22nd June, the new luxury watch boutique broke the practice of high-end luxury watch retailing within a shopping mall by having its boutique within a marble and sandstone building along one of the busiest stretch of roads in Bangsar.


Unveiling Malaysia’s first gentlemen’s lounge replete with antique books, a myriad range of animal taxidermy and high-end timepieces, The Watch Atelier is a lifestyle gallery beyond conventional watch shops. Aiming to create more than just a gathering point of watch collectors but also art lovers from across Malaysia by carrying more than just haute horlogerie but also art pieces and mechanical wonders like Reuge Music Boxes.


The crowd of VIP guests including some of the nation’s premier Datuks and Datins attended the gala opening of Malaysia’s hottest new concept retail store serving the dual purpose of a gathering place for fine watch collectors, in addition to the function of exhibition grounds for art and time pieces.


Augustine Tan, Chief Operating Officer, Director and Co-Founder of The Watch Atelier, welcomed the invitees with his opening remarks, “The purpose of our boutique is to create a concept gallery which is distinctive and identifiable from its atmosphere. By not only carrying the world’s most innovative and luxurious brands but also displaying them among a setting of warm leather chesterfield sofas and priceless antiques, we aim to provide a fertile ground for discussion for everything from fine watches to fine art.”


“With such displays and ambience, our objective is to ensure that the place is not just memorable but recognisable from photographs, Facebook and Instagram shots taken within and around the boutique,” he continued.

Isabel Claudet
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