Look 1: Top – Forever 21, Pants – Penang Market, Shoes – Cotton On, Watch – B.U.M., Necklace – Mango, Bag – H&M

Name: Aedin Goh

Age: 21

Occupation: Student and YouTuber


Look 2: Top – Padini, Shorts – Padini, Shoes – Nike, Watch – Casio, Sunglasses – Vincci, Bag – PDI

Describe your personal style – My personal style has always been comfortable and feminine. I feel better and more confident when I’m in comfortable clothes that are pretty basic and sometimes stylish. I think a look is never complete without makeup, let it be simple or edgy, I enjoy completing a simple outfit with some makeup. Occasionally, I’ll put on a dark lippie just because it compliments my skin tone most. I also love stealing vintage clothes from my mum or sometimes when I’m lucky, my grandma!


Look 3: Dress – Somerset Bay, Heels – nose

Your thoughts on the fashion scene in KL – I think KL’s fashion has unconsciously developed into this mix of diverse fashion with inspirations from both the Western and Eastern countries such as the U.S. and Korea. A lot of teenagers are obsessed with the Brandy Melville-inspired look, with loose fitting dresses and sneakers, while a slightly older crowd are sporting the high fashion short suit from ZARA or Topshop. And how can we forget the Korean-inspired looks with long sleeved sweaters and a pair of big framed glasses as well as some gradient lips?! This has definitely made us a very interesting fashion crowd.


Look 4: Top – Zara, Jeggings – Padini, Watch – Casio, Ring – Cotton On

Your favourite places to shop – I love to shop at Padini and Mango because they are priced reasonably and the quality is great, but occasionally, I would visit ZARA when sales are ongoing. Besides that, I enjoy shopping at Bershka for their shoes as they are priced reasonably, yet provide a stylish vibe for just about any look.


Look 5: Top – Padini, Jeggings – Padini, Shoes – Vincci, Anklet – Mum’s, Bag – Monsoon Singapore

Carmen Chong
YouTube-obsessed and a beauty junkie at heart. Find her on Instagram: @carthemen