Lately, I have been hearing a lot about how great using sunscreen every day can be for your skin. In fact, a few people that I know personally swears by the damn thing, and I can definitely see what they are raving about. It’s been almost a week since I was encouraged by my best friend to use sunscreen everyday and I can already see visible improvements.


If you haven’t seen the video that went viral, which we have put up, you really should get to it. It will make you want to apply sunscreen every day. There are plenty of benefits and reasons as to why you should treat your skin with care and use a good SPF sunscreen daily. Here are some of them:

Healthy Skin
Using sunscreen every day can enhance the health of your skin. Precious skin proteins like collagen, keratin and elastin are all protected by using sunscreen.

UV Rays Be Gone!
Sunscreen also protects you from harmful rays that affects our skin due to the constantly thinning ozone layer. Applying sunscreen can also reduce the chances of you getting any skin disorders too.

Colour Me Beautiful
Using sunscreen can help prevent those unwanted brown spots and skin discolouration. It also helps reduce the appearance of any blotchiness and facial red veins.

Have you noticed that people who love to stay out in the sun with no protection at all tends to wrinkle faster than average? With sunscreen, you can slow down the process of skin aging.

It’s Inexpensive
For what it does and the amount of benefits that come with using sunscreen, it’s quite a bargain. There are plenty to choose from and it doubles up as a cream. Try using sunscreen and nothing else, then see the magic that happens to your skin!

What are you waiting for, ladies? Lather up!

Emma Mallaburn
Emma is a writer, dancer and Lucky Charms lover. She enjoys baking muffins, completing puzzle sets and eating both. Her idea of the good life includes pretending she's Amy from The Big Bang Theory and throwing martinis in the faces of those who scorn her. She can be found on Twitter: @emallaburn