One of Malaysia’s hottest fashion designers, Hatta Dolmat, unveiled a stunning haute couture Festive Collection at the launch of SK-II’s Limited Edition Festive Facial Treatment Essence Collection at the SK-II #ChangeDestiny Garden in Suria KLCC yesterday.

Inspired by the vibrant colours of Tulips, Hydrangea, Freesia and Green Cypress, which are the flowers used by Taiwanese artist, Poh Chih Huang, in his designs for the SK-II Limited Edition Festive Collection, Hatta designed 10 signature couture gowns, including a breath-taking bridal gown as a finale to the showcase.

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Limited Edition Festive Collection

His creations reflect the haute couture interpretation of Poh’s creative technique of working with flowers to bring out their beauty and vitality through transformation – a celebration of everlasting beauty as a tribute to Pitera™’s transformative power.

For the first time, SK-II’s limited edition collection features four distinctive designs to represent everlasting beauty. Each design represents a different facet of beauty – passion, elegance, compassion and wisdom – that translates into a celebration of the recipient, making it the ultimate gift of the season for your loved ones.

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The Red Tulips represent Passion for the woman who pursues excellence and lives life to the fullest, the Yellow Freesia represents Elegance and the Purple Hydrangea represents Compassion, a perfect gift for a friend who always has you in mind. Finally, the Green Cypress represents Wisdom, deep rooted in strength and eternity for the ultimate gift of wisdom for the man in your life.

Facial Treatment Essence has been linked to lasting crystal clear skin, as SK-II recently discovered in its landmark Skin Destiny study. Long-term users of the Essence who started in their 20s enjoy better skin in their 30s and 40s, proving that crystal clear skin today can last 10, 20, 30 years from now.

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The secret to lasting crystal clear skin is SK-II’s signature ingredient Pitera™, which is made up of a delicate composition of amino acids, vitamins, organic acids, minerals, saccharides and other valuable components.  Containing over 90% Pitera™, Facial Treatment Essence harnesses the unique ingredient to transform all five skin dimensions  to crystal clear.

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SK-II Hatta Dolmat Couture Hantaran

As part of SK-II’s #ChangeDestiny campaign, SK-II is embarking on a special collaboration with Hatta Dolmat Couture for that magical, once-in-a-lifetime milestone in a woman’s life – her wedding day.

Look out for this limited edition SK-II Hatta Dolmat Couture Hantaran Set which will be on sale soon at a price of RM778 (products worth RM1,244). Customers will also be able to pre-purchase vouchers for the set at the #ChangeDestiny Garden which contains:

   SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 75ml

   SK-II Facial Treatment Mask 2 pcs

   SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion 30ml

   SK-II Cellumination Aura Essence 30ml

   SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 30ml

   SK-II Whitening Source Derm Revival Mask 2 pcs

   SK-II Cellumination Mask in Lotion 100ml

   SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX 15g

   SK-II Whitening Source Derm Definition UV Lotion 0.6g

   SK-II Facial Treatment Cleanser 20g

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Win Hatta’s Exclusive Festive Haute Couture Gowns

You can own one of Hatta’s nine glitzy gowns worth RM8,000 each, which were featured in the SK-II x Hatta Dolmat Couture Festive Collection by participating in the SK-II Everlasting Beauty Contest with purchase of any SK-II Festive Sets.

Simply answer the question below:

(1) What is the unique ingredient found in all SK-II products?

(A) Lemongrass (B) Seaweed (C) Pitera™ (D) Aloe Vera

The SK-II Everlasting Beauty Contest will run from 4th  November to 10 November 2014 and is only open to SK-II customers at the following SK-II counters – SOGO KL, Isetan KLCC, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Alamanda Parkson Subang, Parkson, East Coast Mall, Parkson Pavilion and Pacific Kota Bharu.

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Win Hatta’s Exclusive Bridal Couture Gown

Aside from that, you can walk away with one stunning bridal couture gown featured in the SK-II x Hatta Dolmat Couture Festive Collection by participating in the SK-II x Hatta Dolmat Couture Hantaran Contest with purchase of the SK-II x Hatta Dolmat Couture Pre-Sale Voucher (RM778).

Simply answer the questions below provided in the entry forms:

(1) How many % of Pitera™ is included in SK-II Facial Treatment Essence?

(A) More than 20% (B) More than 50% (C) More than 90%

(2) Tell us why do you think having good skin is important during your wedding day.

The SK-II X Hatta Dolmat Couture Hantaran Contest will run from 4th November to 30th November 2014 and it is only open to SK-II customers at the SK-II Isetan KLCC counter.

Visit SK-II’s official website or Facebook page for more information.

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