Makers of photochromic lenses, Transitions Optical introduces their range of revolutionary Transitions® Signature™ lenses.

Audience members testing out Transitions Signature lenses display units

The brand’s tagline, “Life Well Lit” promises its users greater adaptability when it comes to various light conditions. The new generation of Transitions lenses is developed from the latest Chromea7™ technology along with an exclusive measurement methodology testing – Life360™ – these elements will provide its wearer with a superior and more comfortable wearing experience.

An audience member experiencing the benefits of Transitions Signature lenses during the Wildlife Tour

Those present at the launch were given a complete wearing experience with a wildlife tour at Sunway Lagoon’s Wildlife Park, where one can see for themselves the way the lenses work under real world conditions.


An audience member wearing frames that were fitted with Transitions Signature lenses before the Wildlife Tour

Whether it’s under bright sunlight or being surrounded by the vibrant and rich colours of nature, the key benefits of the new Transitions® Signature™ were highlighted during this tour. Essentially, Transitions lenses reduces the sun’s glare, thus enhancing one’s vision.


Another key benefit of the lenses is the reactiveness of Transitions® Signature™ towards indirect light – the lenses automatically adjusts to the right shade even if one is not facing the light directly, maintaining the sceneries’ vivid and sharp colour perception.

Mr. Stuart Cannon, General Manager of Transitions Optical Asia Pacific
Mr. Stuart Cannon, General Manager of Transitions Optical Asia Pacific

“We hope through this event, the audience will be able to understand and experience what Transitions® Signature™ has to offer,” said Stuart Cannon, General Manager of Transitions Optical Asia Pacific. “It is our flagship product, and is the most technically advanced photochromic lens Transitions has ever produced, developed based on advanced, exclusive testing in thousands of real world conditions.”

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