Women are often described as the “softer sex” because we are more emotional and we are usually a lot less muscular that some men. Biologically, it could probably be true but then you have to make room for the occasional exceptions. Like this incredibly fit woman in this video. She puts a lot of sexist stereotypes to damn shame.

Every now and then, we all come across videos or pictures that will inspire us to hit the gym as soon as we can. And thanks to Marisa Inda, I will most definitely get to it at the gym later on.

In the video, you can see Marisa very easily perform all sorts of dance moves while hanging from a pushup bar. She makes it so easy that you would think it actually is. But it’s not because it requires major, and we are talking MAJOR core and upper body strength because let’s face it, pull-ups ain’t easy.

Just because you’re strong doesn’t mean you have to look bulky and we find her strength pretty impressive.

Step aside, dude. It’s our turn to shine. Check Marisa out at the gym with her insane pull-up routine: