It’s common knowledge that the first signs of ageing starts to show on your eyes and this is a concern that a lot of women face. Because of this a lot of women go out in search for the perfect eye cream that can reduce signs of ageing and retain the youthful look that they desire.

Now, thanks to SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand which works hand-in-hand with the SK-II Stempower Eye Cream, women everywhere can worry less. The Magnetic Eye Wand has been said to improve the penetration of ingredients from the Stempower Eye Cream when applied on.

Thanks to the folks at SK-II, we managed to get a set to try for ourselves. Read on to find out what we think about it:

It’s been said that this product along with the help of the Magnetic Eye Wand is able to show visible results in just 10 days and I didn’t believe this until I used it for myself. Of course, instead of just using it once a day, we tried using it both day and night.

The texture of the Stempower Eye Cream is extremely lightweight and smooth, which makes it such a pleasure to apply on to affected areas. Paired with the Magic Eye Wand, applying the cream is made that much easier and less messy. We have found that while not all eye creams are too ruck and thick, a lot of them are. This lightweight formula of the cream feels as though it would absorb into the skin better, which essentially provides better results of anti-ageing.

While some of you are worried that the extra tool may mean extra work, don’t worry. Like, we’ve just mentioned, having the Magic Eye Wand makes it easier and instead of using your fingers, just use the wand.

Here are some additional info about the products:

  • It delivers 3x more Niacinamide (the key ingredient in STEMPOWER Eye Cream)  into skin* as compared to when STEMPOWER Eye Cream is applied on skin using only fingers, firming up three critical areas around the eye.
  • The SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream and SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand work to firm up the eye lid, eye corner and under eye, three critical areas to target for bigger, sharper and younger looking eyes and a younger looking face
  • When used with SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream, the SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand can deliver visible reduction of fine lines around the eye due to dryness after 10 days of usage
  • The SK-II Magnetic Eye Wand has also been stringently clinically-tested by the P&G Research & Development team to be safe for use.


The Magnetic Eye Care kit comprising the Magnetic Eye Wand and STEMPOWER Eye Cream (15g) is available at RM476.