Photo: Screengrab via YouTube
Photo: Screengrab via YouTube

Fugitive Alvin Tan has stirred up controversy yet again, this time with a video posted on his official Facebook page mocking the azan, or the Muslim call to prayer.

Titled “R&B Cover”, the three-minute video shows a topless Tan with a pair of sunglasses on. He then plays the keyboard while reciting the azan in full.

“My latest goal is to get all mosques in Malaysia to play my cover instead of having them old geezers hunched over the mics, straining their vocal chords and cracking their voices,” Tan said in the status update that captioned the video, which has received countless likes and shares after it was published.

Several Muslims have commented to ask other adherents to have mercy and patience for Tan, with some even claiming that he is now “one step closer” to Islam.

“Patience… Relax. He wants to provoke us. Remember that the Prophet although he was pelted with excrement and garbage, he kept preaching Islam with smiles to his enemies,” commented Halimi Noordin.

“Without him noticing, he bore witness that there is no God besides Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. Allah is great. Hopefully he will receive guidance from Allah and this will give a lesson to infidels who tease Islam,” said user Shah Shafeeq.

Photo: Facebook via Alvin Tan
Photo: Facebook via Alvin Tan

Of course, Tan’s post also received tons of angry comments from the public who accused him of trying to provoke the Muslim community.

“This idiot is really getting on my nerves! Can someone out there do mankind a favour and put him to sleep?!!” said user Eugene Tan.

“I dun understand this kinda people… tryin to incite tensions for nothing. First it’s politicians then this numbskull of a prick. Every religion teaches to respect others and their believers, but these goons are just rotten apples,” one Facebook user wrote.

Tan, who has his passport revoked in December last year, shot to fame over his sex blog and fled the country in September last year to seek political asylum in the U.S. after authorities prosecuted him for insulting Islam.