Panchos, a new Mexican taqueria-style restaurant has just debuted at Mid Valley Megamall. With the promise of high-quality ingredients and authentic flavours (all pork + alcohol-free) along with speedy service, Panchos hopes to bring some tasty, Mexican vibes into the Malaysian food scene. The addition of carefully prepared and flavourful marinades, as well as delicious sauces made from scratch, the Latin influences are clear, much thanks to Thomas An’s experience with growing up in Latin America, where tasty Mexican dishes like tacos and burritos were a daily treat. He owns the restaurant with his wife, Jennifer Wong, both of whom are graduates from the esteemed culinary school Le Cordon Bleu.


Head chef Thomas found the recipes coming naturally to him thanks to his roots, and was hellbent on getting the true essence of Mexican flavour into his dishes by purchasing chiles and spices imported from Mexico, pairing them with the freshest produce he could find in Malaysia. Taste the hints of lime, onions, tomatoes, the addition of slow-cooked pinto beans and finely grilled meat,  and you’ll find you definitely haven’t had Mexican food in KL like this before! From tasty burritos, tacos, nachos and much more, Panchos has distinctive flavours and a relaxed ambience. Give your taste buds a bit of adventure and stop by the new Panchos outlet located at Mid Valley Megamall, next to Golden Screen Cinemas!


Check out more about Panchos on its official website, Facebook page, and Instagram, along with the hashtag #ilovepanchosmy!