Photo: Repetto pointe shoe, the Alicia

Dance is an evolving art, placing different demands on the dancer. Hence, research and development combined with the Repetto’s know how is important at the Maison to create the perfect shoes for the dancer. The Repetto pointe shoe, the iconic product of the Maison, has become world-renowned and highly prized by dancers and professional ballet companies around the world.

This season, the new Repetto pointe shoe, the Alicia, has been realized to answer a dancer’s needs. Three quarter shrank to go easier on pointe, and for the well positioning of the foot on pointe, the Alicia will be the perfect companion for dancers who have practiced for several years.


Not forgetting the utilitarian day-to-day needs of dancers, Repetto dance bags has been meticulously designed to meet the dancer’s functional demands. Available in a variety of material and styles, Repetto dance bags combine the brand’s feminine aesthetics with practical sensibilities and are undoubtedly an essential must-have in any discerning dancer’s wardrobe.

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