Tiger Translate 2015 kicked things up on a whole new level this year at their finale event in APW Bangsar. Collaborations in daring pieces of art were in conjunction with an exciting line-up of international indie bands. Greeting the crowd near the event’s entrance was a fun, angular piece by Thai Artist, Rukkit Kuanhawate, that featured a 2.5m tall tiger head sculpture. A unique bar design was also presented by Hong Kong’s Parent’s Parents. Malaysian artist, Louise Low, has a beautiful installment of glass art, and the Malaysian-based artist Andrew T-Crum presented his contemporary work, as well as creating a new piece live in front of guests of the party.


Those who wanted to bring out their own creative side got to throw paint-filled balloons on a large piece of acrylic glass, which could be separated in 80 20cm x 20cm pieces, and can be kept as a souvenir. Talented, local artist Nicholas Choong also gave out Limited Edition T-shirts that featured his colourful, abstract designs commissioned by Tiger Translate to the first 300 guests. As everyone enjoyed swigging down some Tiger Beer and sampling tasty meals from trendy food trucks, high-energy indie acts played from rockin’ local bands, and quirky international musicians from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and England.


From kicking things off with their previous satellite shows, Tiger Translate definitely ended its string of events with a bang, as the APW part was an explosion of artistic expression and fun musical performances. This creative platform has traveled around across the world every year, and never hesitates to cross more boundaries to uncage the expressive beast in all of us. Learn more about Tiger Translate on the official website here.