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Whether you’re heading to the gym immediately after work or from home, you need to have these essentials in your bag. Here are 10 must haves we always remember to bring with us whenever we’re heading for a workout:

WE LOVE: SIMPLE Cleansing Wipes
WE LOVE: SIMPLE Cleansing Wipes

1. Makeup remover wipes

You’re getting off work to head to the gym and you’ve got a ton of makeup on. What do you do? Most of the time, working out with makeup on isn’t a very comfortable and feasible option. Always, always have your trusty makeup wipes on hand.

2. Socks

No one should be working out without socks on. It’s gross and your shoes will be harbouring way more bacteria than they should. It is also highly unlikely that you’d clean the insides of your shoes with anti-bacterial spray after each use. Don’t ever forget your socks.


3. Earphones

Your workout playlists are sacred and those guilty pleasure songs get you going as you sweat it out on the treadmill. But, what’s the point of those when you don’t have your earphones? We suggest getting one pair that’s specially designed for workouts and running so you can just leave them in your gym bag. You’ll never forget them again!

4. Water bottle

We know we’re stating the obvious with this one, but everyone needs to be reminded at times. Try not to sip from the water fountains if you can. Studies have shown that the amount of bacteria found on those supposedly convenient water fountains is unimaginable and it’ll make you sick.

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Photo: Getty Images

5. Deodorant and wet wipes

Your mind is fresh after your workout, but you too need some refreshing physically. If you’re planning to skip showering at the gym, your go-to items would be anti-bacterial wet wipes and some deodorant. Leave the gym smelling like a lady.

6. Change of clothes and laundry bag

Wearing clothes drenched in sweat is super uncomfortable and not to mention, unhygienic. Also, you’ll never know who you might bump into after an intense session at gym. You really don’t want to be meeting your ex-beau all sweaty, stinky and disgusting. Don’t forget a laundry bag to put all your dirty clothes in.

WE LOVE: SkyFlakes
WE LOVE: SkyFlakes

7. On-The-Go Snack

In between drives from work to the gym or from the gym to your home, avoid being hangry in case you get stuck in traffic. Keep some dry crackers, granola bars or a trail mix in your gym bag for munching on the go.

8. Towel

Some gyms provide towels, but they may not be sanitised properly and you wouldn’t know how old those towels are. We prefer using our own – a small one for the workout and a larger one in case we’re planning to rinse off right after.


9. Hair Tie

It can be sexy when you’re trying to impress that hot guy at the gym. But, when you start dripping sweat profusely and your tresses begin to stick everywhere, that’s never a good look.

WE LOVE: Ipanema Flip Flops

10. Flip Flops

Shower floors at the gym can be appalling. Avoid stepping on the unpleasant and dirty shower floor with your bare feet. Again, who knows how often they clean and sanitise the showers?