Meadow Gold, a brand new ice cream brand by F&N Creameries, entices you with four exciting flavours from its Indulgence Collection. Packaged in premium 750ml tubs, these gourmet flavours – Bold Chocolate Decadence, Delectable Caramel Pecan, Heavenly Macadamia and Lush Red Velvet – are made with excellent high quality ingredients.

meadow gold

Meadow Gold Bold Chocolate Decadence – This sensuous chocolate ice cream is an overload of chocolate fudge and chunks for an extravagant, decadent sensation.

Meadow Gold Delectable Caramel Pecan – Pecans and caramel ripple are swirled in luxurious vanilla ice cream with a silky, smooth creamy texture.

Meadow Gold Heavenly Macadamia – This wondrous take on the classic vanilla ice cream fuses the fresh milk cream with roasted macadamia nuts for an explosion of textures.

Meadow Gold Lush Red Velvet – This unique spin on the highly popular dessert combines red velvety chocolate ice cream with sweet marshmallows to satiate all your sweet tooth cravings.

Meadow Gold’s Indulgence Collection is available at major supermarkets and hypermarkets in West Malaysia. Each tub costs RM21.90. Visit to find out more!