KFit app

The KFIT app has been making waves on social media for a while now, and the leading fitness-sharing platform was officially launched in the Klang Valley last month. Making keeping fit fun and nifty for everyone, KFIT is revolutionising the way we approach fitness by stepping up accessibility.

With KFIT, you’ll be given access to the best fitness studios, fitness classes, gyms and activities with just one monthly membership that is completely flexible. From yoga and dance to martial arts and other leisure activities, you can discover a new studio or activity everyday.

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We’ve been on the KFIT platform for a month now, and this game-changing app has definitely transformed our workouts. Here are five things we adore about KFIT:

1. Idiot-proof and seamless – The app’s features are straightforward and seamlessly developed for swift reservations. Book classes based on specific interests, or scroll through the activities available on exact dates. KFIT will remind you about reservations with notifications, but you can also add the activity onto a calendar and set an alarm reminder. On top of that, the contact numbers and directions to all the partners are pre-set for convenience. If all else fails, raise your enquiry or complaint to the support team directly and they’ll get back to you in no time.


2. Offers diverse options – With KFIT, you’ll never have a mundane fitness routine again! You can try something new everyday as KFIT has a growing listing of over 400 partners that offer almost everything active. Choose from eight categories including yoga and pilates, bootcamp and crossfit, gym access, dance and zumba, martial arts, strength and conditioning, sports, and leisure. These partners are nicely spread out in the Klang Valley and KFIT is also looking into expanding its range of leisure activities for you to enjoy.

3. Instigates accountability – KFIT charges a RM20 penalty for every no-show to your reserved activities as courtesy to its partners so that users wouldn’t abuse the reservation system. Should you have a valid reason, you could always write in to the support team. With that being said, this penalty also has a silver lining as it holds us responsible for making it a point to attend the activities we’ve reserved. No more flaking workouts just because you didn’t feel like it!


4. Absolutely flexible – With inconsistent schedules and daily conundrums, it can be a challenge to commit to a fixed gym or studio and time. KFIT’s membership is flexible, so you can freely tailor your workout to your lifestyle and agenda, enjoying fitness whenever and wherever. If you have the stamina, you could even attend five activities a day. KFIT allows you to book your activities one week in advance and you can even filter activities based on location and your preferred timings.

5. Fuss-free one-off fee – With a monthly recurring fee of only RM99, there is no cancellation fee and no contract to sign, unlike regular gyms that require you to commit. You can cancel at any time, and can even pause your membership for the time being if you’re going away for a significant amount of time.


If you’re unsure about KFIT, you can always sign up for KFIT Basic which grants you access to a special trial, without having to make any transactions whatsoever. Download KFIT on your iOS or Android devices now. Love KFIT? Use the hashtag #myKFITlove on Facebook or Instagram and spread the joy of adrenaline!