At the SK-II #ChangeDestiny World Festive Edition in Mid Valley Megamall, Malaysia’s top personalities, actress Soo Wincci, pianist Cathryn Lee and violinist Josh Kua made a special appearance and shared on the importance of gifting with a meaning.

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Guests also got a first glimpse of the limited edition SK-II Facial Treatment Essence bottles and sets for the festivities. Created to embody SK-II’s #ChangeDestiny ideals – boldness, perseverance and encouragement – the bottles are adorned with butterflies and hummingbirds to symbolise beauty in transformation and possibilities of soaring beyond your potential.

Whether as a gift for someone special or to treat yourself, these elegant and charming Festive edition essences can be meaningful gifts based on their quest to #ChangeDestiny.

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Boldness – Red Butterflies

For the woman who embodies the boldness and courage it takes to change her own destiny. As the symbol of transformation, the graceful butterfly’s metamorphosis from a caterpillar to a flying flower is a representative of the will it takes to transform your destiny.

Encouragement – Pink Butterflies

Rendered in tender pink, this bottle is the ideal gift for someone whose unrelenting support was essential in your growth and transformation. The soft, feminine hues of the butterflies echo the warmth that comes with words of encouragement.

Perseverance – Blue Hummingbird

The dynamic hummingbird is able to accomplish the seemingly possible, symbolising persistence and dedication. The fearless hummingbird further emphasises this bird as a metaphor for endurance and the power of perseverance when reaching goals.

The limited edition Facial Treatment Essence will be available for a limited time only while stocks last at all SK-II counters in Malaysia beginning October 15 (Thursday). The limited edition Facial Treatment Essence (230ml) is available as part of 4 SK-II festive sets:


SK-II Iconic Set (RM620)

SK-II Flawless Beauty Set (RM1,410)

SK-II Beauty Blossom Set (RM852)

SK-II Age Protect Set (RM1,181)

Also available for a limited time while stocks last are 3 other festive sets: SK-II Pitera Red Butterfly Essential Set (RM229), SK-II Skin Indulgence Set (RM2,277), SK-II MEN Smart Set (RM579).

Do check out SK-II Malaysia’s official website to find out more.