Do you wake up early in the morning just so you have enough time to get your hair done and keep it under control? Well, save time on your hair ’cause it can be done in your sleep and we’re not even kidding. Here are five reasons why you should start sleeping with your hair tied in a loose, messy bun:


1.  It softens your hair
Like braiding, the bun helps to trap moisture in your hair. The best option is to use an old-school scrunchie as it is gentle on the hair and it wouldn’t create weird creases.

Photo: Getty Images
Photo: Getty Images

2.  It prevents mess in the morning

Why waste precious sleep detangling your hair in the morning? Hair gets everywhere while you sleep and worse still, you may get weird bumps on top of your head. Save yourself the hassle of combing through your mane diligently just to look put together.

3.  It prevents frizziness
Having your hair loose while you sleep promotes tangling and frizziness because of the friction from the hair rubbing on the pillowcase. A cotton pillowcase only aggravates the hair further.


4.  It adds curls and texture
With a bun in your head the night before, you can roll out of bed the next morning with effortless loose waves without the use of a curling iron. Simply rub some texturising cream into your damp hair before throwing it into a topknot and unravel everything when you wake up.

5.  It adds volume

Gathering your hair on top of the head in a bun gently lifts up the roots while you sleep, so you’ll have more voluminous hair the next day. If that’s insufficient, spritz on a little dry shampoo at the roots and rub the product in. See the results instantly!

Michelle Goh
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