“Oils have the most wonderful effect on the complexion due to their high affinity with the skin. You can literally see the radiance and suppleness being restored and dull skin coming back to life as all of those incredible nutrients go to work.” – Vanda Serrador Facialist and Body Care Expert for The Body Shop

As beautiful as life may be, it can also become very demanding and therefore take a toll on our skin, which ends up needing radiance – that’s where Oils of Life™ can help. The new life-infusing skincare range by The Body Shop helps freshen the skin, restore nutrition and revive radiance and minimise any signs of ageing. The key ingredient that makes this range so successful lies in the seed oils.

Every single product within this skincare collection has a concoction of three remarkable seed oils, which are renowned for their amazing power to repair and replenish the skin’s condition.After searching all over the world, The Body Shop selected their ingredients from the continents, three of the most precious and strongest natural seed oils.

Black Cumin Seed Oil – Known for its concentration in antioxidants, from the Egyptian Nile valley.

Camelia Seed Oil – Naturally rich in nutritive oleic acids, from the evergreen trees of China.

Rosehip Seed Oil – Rich in Omega 3 and 6, from the Andes foothill of Chile.

Dr. Terry, Global Skincare Expert for The Body Shop says, “Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion is an essential first step in preparing skin. This bi-phase formula style has been used in Asia for years and I’m thrilled to see this product being offered globally. Now, my clients are able to replace their toner and use this lightweight lotion that will nourish and prepare their skin. After allowing up to a minute for the lotion to activate, skin is ready to receive the next step of moisturisation for maximum benefit.”

By infusing this potent trio of seed oils into a unique bi-phase oil [oil + water] formula, we created the essential first step after cleansing, a daily lotion that provides instant visible results while preparing and activating skin for the next steps in your routine. With its bi-phase formula, this Intensely Revitalising Essence Lotion supremely combines the freshness of water and the nourishing feel of oil. A lightweight refreshing texture that glides onto skin and leaves a pleasurable soft touch finish without a greasy feel.

This daily facial oil will intensely revitalise skin and minimise signs of ageing. Made from 99% oils of natural origin*; this lightweight Intensely Revitalising Facial Oil will blend into your skin effortlessly, resulting in a silky soft, non-sticky finish. It’s close to being the miracle product. For more benefits, use this product with The Body Shop’s Twin-Ball Revitalising Facial Massager.

A dewy-fresh gel cream with illuminating micro-pearls. The Body Shop created a lighter alternative that intensely revitalises skin, leaving a fresh finish without a greasy feel.

“People need to be conscious to change their moisturiser depending on if they are travelling, lifestyle changes or when the weather changes. It’s important to understand your skin and be aware when you are over or under moisturising. Now my clients have the option of a fresher gel cream as a lighter alternative or a more intense hydrating cream.” – Dr. Terry Global Skincare Expert for The Body Shop

The Body Shop’s Intensely Revitalising Cream with perfecting micro-pearls effortlessly absorbs into the skin, leaving a light and comfortable finish without a greasy feel. Skin feels nourished, suppler and smoother, and after four weeks signs of ageing appear reduced.

“Plant oils are composed of fatty acids. These influence the texture of an oil and the speed at which it is absorbed into the top layer of the skin. The ratio of fatty acids is a bit like a fingerprint, distinguishing one oil from another. These two formulations take advantage of this; balancing camellia oil’s richness with black cumin’s concentrated antioxidants and rosehip oil’s emollient lighter texture to deliver two moisturisers with the same nourishing efficacy yet with distinctly different weights and skin feel.” – Jennifer Hirsch Beauty Botanist for The Body Shop

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