Joico, a brand brought to you by Shiseido, has been leading the healthy hair revolution since 1975 with the latest innovations in hair care, creating beautiful and healthy hair that inspires confidence. Sharing the ‘JOI of healthy hair’, Joico is celebrating its 40th anniversary with a new campaign to promote healthy hair – hair that radiates vitality, colour and shine.

To restore back to health from the damage caused by environmental factors, colouring, styling and more, Joico is launching a new look and feel along with innovative products to help make your hair glossy, strong, bouncy, shiny and happy. After all, a good hair day makes both men and women feel more joyful, while increasing their confidence.

In conjunction with Joico’s 40th anniversary and new brand campaign, Joico Malaysia invited International Guest Artists Cherry Petenbrink and Chad Demchuk, alongside Joico’s Artistic Ambassador, Rick Lee, to work their colour wonders to present the latest Joico Prism Collection Vol. 2, using Joico products to portray beautiful hair in an array of styles.

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Before the big hair show, we had a chat with the International Guests Artists Cherry Petenbrink and Chad Demchuk to discuss the latest trends in hair colour, hair care tips and tricks, and how hair care products by Joico can help nourish the hair. Read on below:

Q: What is the definition of healthy hair?

Cherry: Healthy hair would have shine, bounce, be voluminous and have movement, as well as a lot of reflection. It doesn’t have to be long, but it has to be nice, smooth and shiny.

Q: How does Joico products help hair in that sense?

Chad: Joico is all about science. We have 19 amino acids that hair is actually is made of, and it’s being put back into the hair. So, whatever the hair needs goes back into the hair, so it stays nice and healthy.

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Q: What would your hair philosophy be?

Chad: Whatever makes a person happy, it makes me happy. Obviously, I’m not going to do something that’s going to look horrible. But, my hair philosophy is to make them the most beautiful that they can be from the inside out. Also, if you’re not having fun, why are you doing it? You should be having fun whatever you’re doing.

Cherry: I never over promise. I will never say I can make your hair platinum if I know I can’t do that. I will say, this is what I can do then I deliver on that promise. Sometimes, we can’t always give the customers what they want. Don’t over promise and always deliver on your promise.

Q: What are some of the common hair problems people tend to face?

Cherry: I think for most people – it’s frizz. They are not able to control the hair getting too frizzy, or maybe the hair is too limp. They usually want more body.

Chad: The most common hair problem I see is grey hair. No one likes to have grey hair. We have a wonderful product line called Age Defy. It puts all the fantastic properties of healthy hair back into the grey hair to give it lustre, shine and bounce.

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Q: Where do you start when deciding a hair colour for someone?

Cherry: I would first ask them what their lifestyle is, what their budget is and how often will they come to see me. If they’re not going to come in very often, then I will do something that grows out nicely and looks good from one visit to the next. If I know they can come in often, then I can do something that takes a little more maintenance. I need to know if they are going to take the time to blow dry the hair and style it too.

Q: What is the biggest misconception when it comes to hair colour?

Cherry: Unrealistic expectations. They don’t realise the work that goes into everything. The bleach, blow drying, the colour and then, the colour again. It’s a commitment. Another thing is that people think that hair colour is not healthy, but our K-PAK technology actually reconstructs the hair. No other company can say that. It’s a big testimony.

People are also afraid to bleach their hair. If your hair is properly bleached with the right volume of developer and no heat is used, it will remain healthy. It’s when it’s abused and misused, people don’t read the instructions, then they do things they shouldn’t do with the bleach. It’s a bad thing.

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Q: How do you determine the hair colours that are best for Asian hair?

Chad: It really depends on the depth of the skin tone. Anything works, but it depends on the quality of the skin tone and at the end of the day, personality. I always ask, “Do you want your hair to whisper, talk or scream?”

Q: How do you prevent bright, vivid hair from fading so quickly?

Chad: Unfortunately, there’s no true way to stop hair colour from fading. Permanent hair colour permanently alters your natural hair pigment, but it’s not going to permanently stay in your hair. All hair colour fades, whether it’s vibrant or natural. Having said that, Joico’s hair colour has these fantastic colour molecules that will stay on longer compared to some other ones because it has arginine. It actually sticks into the hair better.

Cherry: I always recommend the Colour Endure shampoo from Joico that has UV protection and a very gentle formula. Also, it’s important to use something to protect the hair when you’re styling it. The heat from the flat iron and blow dryer can cause the hair cuticles to open, swell, get frizzy and the colour will fade faster.

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Q: Do you have any hair care tips for those with bleached hair?

Chad: I like introducing them one of Joico’s products called RevitaLuxe. It’s a deep conditioning treatment. When they have lightened hair, use it for two weeks every time they wash their hair. After that, once a week. It has a great technology that creates a clear bandaid around the hair to seal the protein in. The hair will get soft and stay shiny. Other than that, don’t use thermal tools that are too hot. Bleached hair is very sensitive and prone to damage.

Q: What are some of the most popular hair colours and styles as of now?

Cherry: A lot’s happening now with hair colour. It’s either bright and colourful, or very natural. It’s not in between. It’s either this or that.

Chad: The one thing that I see with hair colour is that it’s getting away from bright vivids to softer, smokier tones where it’s a little bit more dulled down. It looks worn in and faded. I see a lot of undercuts which is fun too.

Q: Will we see this in Joico’s Prism Collection Vol. 2?

Cherry: I think with Prism, there is a little bit. One of the looks has blue, purple, and red, but they aren’t so bright. The colours are darker and a little more dusty.

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Q: Would you say this is similar to the opal hair colour trend that’s been making rounds on the Internet?

Cherry: I was just about to say opal. Prism is our collection now, but in January 2016, we will have a new collection and the opal hair colour will be seen. Like we said; pastel, smokey colours are popular, but the hair is still very shiny and iridescent. Just because it’s smokey and more dusty, it doesn’t mean that the hair is unhealthy or dry.

Q: What do you think about the balayage?

Chad: I love the balayage! I’d consider it for a graceful grow-out. So, the clients would not come into the salon as frequently, but their friends will notice the client’s great hair even though she hasn’t done it in 3 months. Then, other people are going to want to come and get it done too, because it just looks fantastic.

Cherry: I think that the trends are leading to less foil work and more free painting. Everybody wants their own custom colour, so we as artists can pinpoint where we want those pieces to be highlighted and special. Hand painting is very popular for hair dressers and customers.

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Q: Tell us a little more about the Prism Collection Vol. 2.

Cherry: Over the past 10 t0 15 years, it’s been avant garde looks. Now, we’re shifting the imagery a little bit. The models are smiling and they have more flowy hair.

Chad: I think that the collection boasts many textures for styling that appeals to different people. There’s definitely a look that can suit you and your lifestyle.

Q: Cherry, you’ve worked with film for The Hunger Games. What inspired the looks that you chose

Cherry: I had to take a lot of direction from production. They had ideas that they wanted to present, and it’s my job to create what they ask for. While they don’t show me a picture, they give me perimeters and I create the hair according to those perimeters. With the games, we don’t know when it takes place. We only know that it’s 75 years after the big war. There’s nothing really to go by. We took different trends from certain eras and mixed them together with a modern twist.

Q: Which character had your favourite hair look?

Cherry: Effie Trinket was my favourite. She continues to be my favourite. I love Jennifer; she’s a great girl, but her character isn’t as exciting as Effie. I could be Effie.

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Q: What do you love about Joico’s new product, the Hair Shake (RM74)?

Chad: The Hair Shake is fabulous for everybody. I love it on my baby fine hair. I don’t like washing my hair, and when I spray this in, I can go two or three days by just messing the hair up. It’d look more lived in everyday. For curly hair, it can give you lots of volume.

Cherry: It’s a versatile product that starts out as a liquid and turns into powder. It gives tremendous body and volume. It’s great for finishing, but it’s also great for while you’re styling the hair. You get a lot of texture from the Hair Shake. It’s not white and flaky. It’s clear.

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