Love, Bonito, Singapore’s leading online fashion store, has recently unveiled an exclusive activewear collaboration with Liv Lo, a popular Singaporean TV host, model and professional yogi who perfectly exemplifies a young, modern woman who takes pride in her career while loving herself and taking care of her own wellbeing.

Designed in-house, this quirky capsule collection features 9 stylish pieces that are functional, versatile, high quality and chic at the same time. Liv Lo and Love, Bonito both worked hand in hand and paid special attention to breathability, comfort, support and style when it came to making this collection come to life.


After half a year of conceptualising and designing, the capsule collection features flattering silhouettes that can be worn by women of any body type, and from sleeveless tank tops with cute captions to wearable sports jackets in a variety of colours and styles, these pieces can be easily mixed and matched according to your personality and style.

To learn more about the exclusive collection and this collaboration, we had a little chat with Liv Lo and the founders of Love, Bonito, Viola Tan and Rachel Lim. Grab a cup of tea and learn more below:


Q: Fitness, health and wellness have grown to become ‘trendy’ lately, especially in Malaysia. Of course, it’s a good thing. But, adding onto that, can you tell us why this is more so important to you?

LL: Fitness, health and wellness have grown more popular, but it isn’t a trend. I am glad to see it, particularly yoga, catching on and becoming more widely recognised. Yoga has been around for over 5,000 years and is a practice that benefits all of its practitioners. Not just physically, but spiritually and emotionally. I believe health goes hand in hand with happiness and living a longer life. If our longer life is not lived in health and happiness then what is the point of living for longer?

Q: Love, Bonito is one of the top Singaporean online fashion stores and it’s also very popular amongst Malaysians. How did you feel when they approached you for this collaboration?

LL: It was a conversation that took place when we were discussing the idea of exploring sportswear. Seeing that LB has done collaborations with fashion designers before, we saw this as a good opportunity to combine our thoughts and came up with Liv Lo for Love, Bonito. I took on the designer and influencer role. It was a labour of love with each piece when it came to creating the right cut and fit from the best materials.


Q: Did you get to insert your own input when it came down to the materials, colours, styles and cute caption on the pieces?

LL: Absolutely and I am extremely proud of the results. The slogan T-shirts and crop tops have gotten especially great feedback. The materials took a while to get right. As a yoga teacher, I have seen many butts in class. Sorry ladies, but cotton leggings don’t cut it. The material is too thin. I had to get the patch work on the leggings correct to move and hug in the right places, so they could stretch comfortably without showing skin. You may notice the pants are a bit higher in the waist and the crop tops don’t show cleavage. I made the collection to be comfortable for other kinds of activities like biking and coordinating with everyday casual attire.

Q: Which of these pieces are your favourite? Choose only three!

LL: I love the grey and purple tank. The perforated material is quick dry, breathable and doesn’t stink after a hot yoga lesson. Second would be the blue leggings. It’s high waisted so there is no muffin top or undies exposed. It’s cut right at the knee so there is grip and coverage for your knees, but not too long to be too hot to wear outside. Third would be the blue bra crop top. It’s hard to find nowadays, and worn as a set with the blue leggings is even cuter!


Q: There are so many unhealthy body ideals that are being tossed around on the Internet nowadays. What have you got to say about that and how can women be confident?

LL: It is sad that the industry standard is not a healthy one. Still, there are many brands and images these days that are changing the rules. Follow and support those brands or individuals who are sending the right messages and giving back to the community or donating to causes. There is always a choice, so choose wisely.

Q: We love your activewear collection! How did working with Liv Lo come about, and how does her personality fit into Love, Bonito’s brand DNA? 

VT: The decision came quite naturally. Liv exemplifies what it is to be a young, modern Singaporean woman who takes pride in her career without compromising attention to her health and overall wellbeing whilst keeping fit at the same time. We believe that she is an inspiring role model in encouraging women to be the best version of themselves.


Q: Would you say that there is a gap to be filled when it comes to looking for high quality and price appropriate activewear that actually looks chic? How does your collection fit in?

VT: There is some disparity when it comes to looking for stylish activewear that is of high quality yet wallet friendly. Our collection consisted of daily input from someone who leads an active life herself and was able to provide different and relevant viewpoints on the importance of producing quality workout wear which is functional and stylish at the same time.

Q: Your activewear looks great for the gym and as leisurewear. How does this correlate with the everyday women who are juggling between work, life and play?

RL: Love, Bonito acknowledges that women today are leading more balanced, holistic and multi-faceted lives. They are investing more time and effort into health and wellness, which is great! Through this collection, we strive to dress women in all aspects of their lives and encourage them to stay strong and healthy amidst their busy lifestyles, all while looking chic and stylish.


Q: Would there be an extension to this collection in the future? There are only 9 items now. How different would it be?

VT: Love, Bonito activewear is here to stay! We are already working on the next line which should be available in Q1 2016, so stay tuned for that!

Q: Is there a possibility for Love, Bonito to work with another personality for another activewear range?

RL: There could be. We wouldn’t wanna divulge too many secrets too soon!

Items from the Liv Lo for Love, Bonito collection is priced from RM99 to RM159. Check out the gorgeous activewear collection by Liv Lo for Love, Bonito right now or get them from Love, Bonito’s flagship store in Mid Valley Megamall (F­072A & 072B, Level 1) from 6 November onwards. You can also follow Love, Bonito on Facebook or Instagram for instant updates from the label. 😉

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