Hair loss is a major concern amongst Malaysians, but it isn’t openly discussed. For that reason, it has become a hindrance for many Malaysians to find a solution for hair loss that really works. And this ultimately impacts their quality of life as hair loss causes distress.


Recognising those issues, BioTHIK®, an emerging hair clinicare brand, has launched a consumer hair range in Malaysia for those with common hair problems. Branded under BioTHIK® Active Clinicare Tri-System range, these six products are specially formulated to restore health from the scalp, promoting fuller, thicker and more beautiful hair.


This innovative line of products that are clinically tested, and are free from parabens, SLS, synthetic fragrances and artificial colourings include the Hair Locking Mist, Hair Building Fiber, Protein Keratinised Cleanser, Protein Keratinised Conditioner and Folliplus Factor hair serum for both men and women.


Featuring botanical formulations and stem cells, these products contain nourishing ingredients that are non-irritant, and can be used for all types of scalps and hair. On top of that, the entire line is manufactured under the highest quality control standards to offer you countless benefits for the scalp and hair.


At the grand launch of this haircare range in Avi Spa, Port Dickson, we were lucky enough to try out these products for ourselves. The shampoo and conditioner smells wonderfully calming, and the Hair Building Fibre worked like magic! In an instant, the model, who evidently suffers from hair loss, had her hair volume increased instantly and it looked very natural.

Try out BioTHIK® Active’s Clinicare Tri-System line today and see the change for yourselves! This range of products can be found at major pharmacies nationwide and the prices are as follows: Hair Locking Mist – RM49, Hair Building Fiber – RM90, Protein Keratinised Cleanser – RM49, Protein Keratinised Conditioner – RM49 and Folliplus Factor – RM130.

Carmen Chong
YouTube-obsessed and a beauty junkie at heart. Find her on Instagram: @carthemen