While there are many expensive beauty products you could splurge on, there are also inexpensive ones like honey, which has many beneficial factors for health and beauty. Honey is one of the oldest sweeteners on Earth and is just so damn good in every way. Find out the benefits that this magical liquid has:

Rid of zits – Just use a cotton swab to apply a small amount of honey on your zit and be rid of those pesky things pronto!

DIY exfoliator – Forget spending a bomb on exfoliators, just mix one part baking soda with two parts honey and you have yourself an DIY exfoliator.

Look younger – Believe it or not, consuming honey is the best anti-ageing product one can have. A tablespoon a night before bed is more than good enough!

Treat dry skin – Add two cups of honey to your warm bath and soothe your skin. Soak yourself for 15 minutes and if you feel like having a body-scrubbing session, just add some baking soda into the bath.

Reduce throat irritation – A single dose of honey, especially buckwheat honey can help with cough or any throat irritation.


Face masks – Honey is the perfect ingredient to add to any DIY face masks. Do your research online for some honey face masks recipes to get great skin!

Best ulcer treatment – Thanks to its antibacterial properties, honey can also treat ulcers!

Prevent heart disease – By consuming honey, you can help yourself by reducing the chances of getting heart disease.

Natural cleaners – Mix honey with some coconut oil till it forms a balmy texture and you have yourself a natural cleanser!

Get better complexion – Having a tablespoon of honey a day can make a vast difference in your complexion.

Emma Mallaburn
Emma is a writer, dancer and Lucky Charms lover. She enjoys baking muffins, completing puzzle sets and eating both. Her idea of the good life includes pretending she's Amy from The Big Bang Theory and throwing martinis in the faces of those who scorn her. She can be found on Twitter: @emallaburn