Photo: E! Online
Photo: E! Online

Back when Miley Cyrus was not growing out her armpit hair, she was engaged to Liam Hemsworth and that relationship is definitely one of the ones we couldn’t get over. When they broke up, it was a really big thing and we all were hoping they would get back together. And they did! But not in the way you’re thinking. Just recently, the former couple met up with each other to do the most aww-worthy thing ever!

So, what did they get together for? Well, Miley helped her former fiancee, Liam adopt a puppy! How adorable is that?! The two stars went for an adoption event for Wylder’s Holistic Pet Center & Rescue, and got Liam a super cute 6-month-old puppy!

Look at how cute The Hunger Games actor and his new pup are!

They may not be back together but it’s pretty good to know that they are on good terms!



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