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Every other day, we hear of some awful stories about girls who end up in harmful or compromising positions, and each time we hear about it, we feel thankful that we weren’t the one. To avoid ever being in such an awful situation as such, here are some safety tips for you for a night out with your girlfriends:

1. Make sure you have your essentials
Money, check. Phone, check. Pepper spray, check. Don’t go out of the house with a phone battery that’s half full. Who knows how fast it will run out after taking bathroom selfies and fun pictures of the night. You might need to Uber home or call for someone in case of anything, so be sure to leave the house with a fully charged phone. Also, always bring more money than you need to, just in case!

2. Don’t have more than you can handle.
Having way too much can easily put you in harm’s way. So, make sure you don’t drink more than you can handle. Knowing your limit will keep you safe as there are people who will easily take advantage of women in vulnerable situations.


3. Don’t ditch your girlfriend for a one night stand
He may seem cute but unless you both have come to an agreement before hand to get lucky, it’s really not advisable that you leave you girlfriend alone. It doesn’t matter if she says it’s okay because she probably doesn’t want to be a party pooper. If you came together, then leave together too.


4. Don’t simply accept drinks
It may be tempting to gulp down that drink the cute guy at the bar just bought you, but you should respectfully decline and try your best to never accept drinks from a stranger. Don’t expect free drinks because doing so can put you in harms way like being drugged! Also, never leave your drink unattended. Even for a minute. If you do, buy another. Better expensive than sorry!

5. Carry protection
If you’re sexually active, do not be immature and expect for the guy to carry a pack of condoms. This gives him the power to use the excuse of not having any on him. Always practice safe sex because that is the most responsible thing you can do.


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