Photo: Entertainment Weekly via Warner Bros
Photo: Entertainment Weekly via Warner Bros

It seems like we are not the only ones who are totally obsessed with Justin Bieber because as it turns out queen of romantic comedies, Diane Keaton is also a Belieber.

The famous actress got a wonderful surprise that is Justin Bieber during her segment on The Ellen Show, and after briefly meeting him she gleefully asked Ellen DeGeneres, “Do you think he’ll ask me out later?”

The show began with Keaton professing her love for the singer, whom she says is “gorgeous” after seeing a very enticing shirtless photo of Bieber up on the big screen. DeGeneres, who’s always full of gifts to give her guests, gave Keaton two turtlenecks featuring the singer’s face before having him come out from backstage to surprise Keaton with a hug.

After he left, she said, “That’s real beauty.”

Watch the adorable clip below: