Photo: Instagram/Jimmy Fallon
Photo: Instagram/Jimmy Fallon

Justin Bieber is everywhere and recently the comeback kid made a stop at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where the two showcased their extremely complicated 90 second handshake. I mean, I couldn’t remember all the steps to this damn thing!

The handshakes included sounds, claps, hand slaps, embraces and all sorts. It will have you confused but amused!

And after the entire handshake ended, we say entire because it is really long, Fallon said to Bieber, “Good to see you man.” I don’t know but I feel like maybe a simple high-five would have done the job.

Though I’m probably going to try this with my best friend and hope we get to to the finger-fighting part of the handshake.

Watch the video below:

If you want more of the Biebs, watch the music video to his single, “Sorry”. We can’t get enough of this catchy song: