Photo: Forbes
Photo: Forbes

There is so much you can do with lemon besides dumping slices into your tea. We bet you didn’t know that! Here are some of the wonderful things you can do with this zesty fruit:

1. Keep your garbage bin smelling fresh by collecting leftover orange and lemon peels, then placing them at the base of the bin and under the bag.

2. Purify your body with water that’s got lemon slices in it. It helps with flushing out all the toxins that comes with eating junk food.

3. If you have bleeding gums you can use lemon to help stop it.

4. Clean and whiten your nails by adding 1/2 lemon with one cup of water and soak your fingers in the mixture for 5 minutes.

5. Get softer elbows by mixing baking soda with lemon juice until it forms a scrub-like texture and then exfoliate your elbows with it.

6. Treat annoying headaches with lemon juice mixed with a couple of teaspoons of tea.

7. If you’ve got throat infections, treat them by gargling lime and water.

8. Believe it or not, lemon can help with reducing phlegm, which helps you breathe better!

9. Squirt some lemon juice on windowsills and in any holes or cracks to keep insects like ants at bay.

10. One of the best anti-ageing treatment is consuming lemon water. So, do this if you want to keep looking youthful for as long as you can.