Why Is Casual Hookup Ruining Dating Possibilities In College

I don’t know about you but to me dating as a whole has never been easy.

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I had my fair share of ups and downs, who hasn’t right? But I’m pretty sure that most of you would agree that dating in college is a challenge. Ask any current female college student and she could possibly talk relationship problems all day long. I’m an optimistic person and I really want to believe that there is still hope left for us but honestly, we have some serious work to do.

This is happening maybe because we are slowly but surely losing respect for the opposite sex and at the rate we are going, dating is doomed. Here’s why:

The One Night Stand

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Our generation is embracing the fact that casual sex is now far too common. I’m not saying that actual courtship such giving out your phone number, making plans, dinner and a movie, meeting the parents, etc. is dead, its just slowly fading away. Now is all about, sex, sex and more sex, we almost never make an intimate and emotional connection with one another.

 The Expectations

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Men have this perception that young, single ladies nowadays are more than often than not wrongfully stereotyped as being too emotional, crazy or desperate for wanting to strike a deeper connection. I’m pretty sure the men nowadays, think that when girls meet up for a drink is just an excuse to devise a plan to manipulate their respective men into becoming ‘official’. Now, that’s hardly the case.


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