JoyAmaze is the latest health brand to hit our shores straight out of sunny California. The brand strongly believes in helping its consumers to live as healthy as possible through incorporating beneficial ingredients in their health drinks. JoyAmaze offers three types of beverages, JoyAmaze™ Beauteine™, JoyAmaze™ Hartwell™ and JoyAmaze™ Inspired!™ all with different benefits, depending on what one is looking for.

JoyAmaze™ Beauteine™


Essentially a milk-based drink that aids its consumer with beautiful skin, nails and hair, this protein drink is best consumed cold to avoid the protein from being destroyed by heat. TheJoyAmaze™ Beauteine™ milk drink is made with an exclusive skin beauty nutrition that provides skin with a daily boost of youth enhancing nutrients that will promote better skin from within. This drink repairs skin and increases metabolic rate while delaying ageing. one sachet contains 5500mg Nano Marine Collage from Japan, L-arginine, silver ear mushroom extract and has a high Vitamin C content. Those watching their waistline can even use this drink as a meal replacement.

JoyAmaze™ Hartwell™


The JoyAmaze™ Hartwell™ is a high fibre, prebiotic drink made with fruit and vegetable that naturally lowers cholesterol and promotes gastrointestinal healthy by preventing constipation and colorectal cancer. A great choice for non-dairy and gluten-free consumers, this drink is suitable for all ages. It’s also low in sugar, fat, carbohydrate and calorie and is GMO-free and laxative-free.

JoyAmaze™ Inspired!™


JoyAmaze™ Inspired!™ is the first chocolate milk drink formulated with the highest DHA content (28mg per serving). Made for students, this drink is high in B-Complex (B1, B2, B3, B6, B12 and folic acid) to promote brain development as well as improve concentration. Its high Vitamin D and seaweed calcium content help enhance the absorption of calcium to promote bone growth and contains more than 50% of the daily recommended nutrient requirement for students.

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