Photo: Theclassyhousewife
Photo: Theclassyhousewife

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t mean you have to dress up to look as sweet and cute as a cupcake. If you feel the most comfortable wearing minimal to no colour, feel free to dress your best in whatever you’re happy with. Here are five black-based looks you can take inspiration from:

valentines look 1

Look 1 – This look is perfect for a stroll around town or picnic at the park. The casual dress still oozes femininity and the platform sandals will give you some added height.

valentines look 3

Look 2 – If wearing jeans pretty much sum up your life, throw on some ripped, high-waisted skinnies for a more edgy look. We’ve paired the jeans with a bomber jacket and some boots so you look fly.

valentines look 4

Look 3 – With this crop bralet and fringed kimono, you’ll still be able to show some skin without being OTT. A pair of glamorous heels would also go well with this look, just in case you’re not feeling the slip ons.

valentines look 5

Look 4 – We’ve chosen a quirky bag as the statement piece for this look. It’ll make a good conversation starter! Comfort is key; hence, the sweater and wedge sneakers.

valentines look 2

Look 5 – Going to a fancy dinner? Try a dress with a muted colour print that isn’t too bright. Pair the dress with an accessory and a bag from the same colour family to complete your outfit.

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