In their latest TV commercial, Cadbury gets together with Malaysia’s top songstress Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. Filmed in the busy street of central Kuala Lumpur, the ad begins with a bunch of buskers trying to  capture the attention of people passing by but unfortunately they received no such luck.

Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza then enters the schene and whips out a delicious bar of Cadbury chocolate, which she proceeds to share with them. Before you know it, they all break into a song that’s led by the beautiful local singer and naturally, it draws the crowd from all corners of the street. They cheered and sang along to the music showing that you can have a good time anywhere with a bite of Cadbury.

Check out the ad below:

Emma Mallaburn
Emma is a writer, dancer and Lucky Charms lover. She enjoys baking muffins, completing puzzle sets and eating both. Her idea of the good life includes pretending she's Amy from The Big Bang Theory and throwing martinis in the faces of those who scorn her. She can be found on Twitter: @emallaburn