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Spritzer was recently recognised at the World Branding Awards with a Brand of the Year 2015 National Award in the Water category. The event recognises some of the best global and national brands for their work and achievements. The National Award is presented to the very top brands in each participating country – brands that are household names in their home country that have been judged to be truly exceptional.

The prestigious World Branding Awards is organised by the World Branding Forum (WBF), a global non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing branding standards for the good of the branding community as well as consumers. It organises and sponsors a range of educational programmes, including collaborations with leading universities and museums.

Spritzer Natural Mineral Water has been discovered by two universities in the UK to contain therapeutic amounts of soluble silicon or Orthosilicic Acid (OSA), an important trace mineral which has been shown to synthesise collagen in the body, and is hence beneficial for skin, bones, hair and other connective tissues such as blood vessels and joints.

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