Being a typical Asian, I took after my mother and was born with monolids. I’ve always been perfectly happy and content with how my eyes looked and that they made me, me.

Unlike many other ladies, I’ve never fathomed the idea of faking double eyelids with eyelid tape, and just the thought of going under the knife petrifies me, so evidently, getting blepharoplasty, better known as the traditional double eyelid surgery, has never once crossed my mind.

A week before getting the DST double eyelid procedure
A week before getting the DST double eyelid procedure

The only issue I had with my monolids was that my eyes would become slightly hooded every time I smiled, concealing any eyeliner applied. I also wasn’t able to show off my long eyelashes as the monolids forced the hairs to grow straight down. Besides that, the lids covered the base of the lashes, making them appear shorter than they really are.

About two months ago, I was approached by an aesthetic clinic, called ME Clinic, to have a DST double eyelid procedure done on my eyes. In the beginning, I brushed it off completely thinking that it would be a tedious and painful surgery, with a lengthy recovery time.

After learning that it would be a scarless, non-cutting procedure with a speedy recovery time, I decided to go in for a consultation with the doctor knowing that I would have regretted not seizing the opportunity. Fast forward to the 17th of April, I gathered all the courage I had and got the procedure done.

A week after getting the DST double eyelid procedure
A week after getting the DST double eyelid procedure, with mascara on

To ease your understanding of the DST double eyelid procedure and my overall experience, read below to learn more:

What is a DST double eyelid procedure?

A DST double eyelid procedure is a revolutionary non-cutting, durable and scar-free suture method originated from Japan. This improved procedure uses double sutures and twists (DST) to create double eyelids by using two sutures on each eyelid. The durability of the method is explained by the areas of ties and twists that provide more secure and long-lasting results. The best part about a DST double eyelid procedure is that it is completely reversible and adjustable, unlike the traditional cutting method which is permanent.

Is everyone suitable for the DST double eyelid procedure?

No. Simply put, this method is suitable for younger people with eyelids that are without tons of loose skin or fats, or any prominent eyelid deformities. A thorough assessment by the doctor is crucial to decide whether this type of procedure is suitable for an individual.

Eyes that aren’t suitable for DST, from top to bottom: Prominent droopy eyelids, prominent asymmetrical eyelids, thick eyelids with too much fat. Photo: Davidaesthetic

How long does the procedure take?

The average procedure time ranges from half an hour to an hour for both eyes.

What happens during the procedure?

Before the doctor performs the procedure, the face is cleansed completely and three markings are made on each eyelid. After sterilisation is done with antiseptics, the doctor proceeds to inject local anaesthesia onto the outside of the eyelids and the underneath of the eyelids by flipping them over.

After he punctures three tiny holes on each eyelid to be used to conceal the knots he makes, the doctor begins stitching the eyelids using the double sutures and twists method. Before he finalises the look of the double eyelids, he makes sure that they are symmetrical and are of the same height.

Finally, he ties knots and conceals them in the tiny holes he punctured on the eyelids. Right after the procedure, a cold compress is placed on the eyelids to reduce swelling and to soothe discomfort.

A closeup on my eyes with makeup on, one week after the procedure
A closeup on my eyes with makeup on, one week after the procedure

Did it hurt?

I have got a very low threshold for pain and it only hurt a lot when the doctor was injecting local anaesthesia underneath my eyelids. Even though each injection only lasted a few seconds, the stinging got worse as the needle got deeper under my skin.

If you’re terrified of pain like I am, you’d be glad to know that nothing else hurt after the anaesthesia kicked in. Even after the anaesthesia wore off when the procedure was done, all I felt was a little discomfort and no pain whatsoever.

Two weeks after getting the DST double eyelid procedure
Two weeks after getting the DST double eyelid procedure, with eye makeup on

What about post-care?

After the procedure, I was given a translucent gel to be applied over the wound, some antibiotics – full course to be completed – and painkillers, to be taken only when needed. Aside from that, I was asked to apply a cold compress every two to four hours for the first 48 hours and to prop my head up when lying in bed.

I also had to refrain from smoking, alcohol, strenuous exercises, and food that improved blood circulation for a duration of one week. During that week after the procedure was done, I also avoided wearing makeup on my eyes and used a no-rinse cleanser so that I didn’t have to splash water over my face.

After the one-week mark, I went back to my regular face cleanser and started applying makeup on my eyes right away with no issue.

How long do the results last?

The results last for about five to 10 years, depending on signs of ageing whereby the eyelids begin to droop down naturally, and as a result, losing the fold, or breakage of the stitching due to greatly aggressive impact on the eyes.

Examples of the result of DST double eyelid procedure. Photo: Davidaesthetic
Examples of the result of DST double eyelid procedure. Photo: Davidaesthetic

How long does it take to heal?

The average recovery time takes about two weeks minimum, but this varies from individual to individual. My wounds healed pretty quickly and after the first week, the wounds were no longer visible, albeit being a little swollen. Gradually, my eyelids looked more natural and by the start of the second week post-procedure, I was already putting on my favourite eyeshadows.

How much does the procedure cost?

The procedure costs about RM4,800 at ME Clinic.

Two weeks later - The wounds have completely disappeared
Two weeks later – The wounds have completely disappeared

My experience thus far

It’s been a few weeks since the procedure and right now, it’s merely a waiting game for the double eyelids to become more natural. I’m pretty impressed with the results and the wounds are no longer prominent. Unlike the first week post-procedure, I don’t feel any more discomfort.

The double eyelids are parallel to the shape of my eyes and now, I don’t have to line them with a thick stroke of eyeliner as the eyelids are no longer droopy. My eyelashes are still stubbornly straight, but at least they point upwards now, making my eyes appear brighter and more awake.

However, the double eyelid on my left eye looks prettier compared to that of the right eye. I might have to ask the doctor about it during my next followup.


[UPDATE – 12th May 2015]

carm 1
Two weeks later – The right double eyelid appears thicker compared to the left eye, making it appear a little droopy

I went into the clinic for my second followup with the doctor after the procedure and it turned out that I had to get my right double eyelid redone. The skin on my right eyelid is somehow thicker compared to that of the left lid, resulting in double eyelids of different heights on both eyes.

I went through the same process again, but this time, the doctor had to remove the stitching he previously made during my first procedure. He did this after he injected local anaesthesia onto the eyelid, and similarly, I didn’t feel a thing after the drug kicked in. The process of removing the stitching took longer than stitching the lid itself.

My right eyelid after the procedure
My right eyelid after the second procedure, swollen and irritated

Very much alike to my first procedure, it only hurt when local anaesthesia was injected onto my eyelid. But, for the reason that I was tensed up throughout the procedure, the wounds this time were way more prominent and took a little longer than a week before dissipating. Both the double eyelids look more balanced, natural and even now.

I’m returning to ME Clinic soon for my next followup. Stay tuned for the next update!

A little more than a week after the second procedure, with heavy makeup on
A little more than a week after the second procedure, with heavy eye makeup on

A brief introduction on ME Clinic

Located in Berjaya Times Square, ME Aesthetic Clinic is a one-stop centre providing evidence-based modern facilities and medispa services. Managed by a team of devoted Medical Aesthetic practitioners since the end of 2013, the doctors are trained and experienced in cutting-edge non-invasive and minimally invasive techniques. The clinic is fully computerised and equipped with modern technologies designed for total facial rejuvenation and enhancements. Besides the DST double eyelid procedure, ME Aesthetic Clinic is most known for its skin laser treatments, non-surgical nose lifts, non-surgical thread lift for the face and chin fillers.

Don’t be afraid to book yourself an appointment to consult with the doctors before deciding on anything!

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