MM2015 - 4 Gran Kino_credit Light Show Photography

Over the weekend, crowds of independent music fans gathered at Laundry Bar, The Curve for non-stop musical action. They enjoyed 10 hours of wonderful talent from the Malaysian independent music scene, who took the stage one after another.

MM2015 - 3 An Honest Mistake_credit Light Show Photography

The music festival featured music across various genres, from acoustic, rock, to alternative pop. The brilliant line-up included OJ Law, An Honest Mistake, Jin Hackman, Armon, Jon Liddell, BeatNation, Back2Basixx, Relent, Army Of Three, Heat A Tack, Talitha Tan, SOAP, and Laundry Battle of the Bands 2015 winners Kent Sim and Resya Rahman.

MM2015 - 2 OJ Law_credit Light Show Photography

The night was further accentuated by French artistic project Gran Kino, setting the crowd wild with “I Love Tennis”, “Sergio Mon Amour” and “Sopron” to name a few, off their album 1989.

MM2015 - 1 Jin Hackman_credit Light Show Photography

Laundry Music Marathon x Fete de la Musique 2015 is proudly brought to you by Laundry Bar. For more information, kindly visit Laundry Bar’s official website or Facebook page.

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