Photo: thestylebar
Photo: thestylebar

A fresh blowout from the salon can definitely leave you feeling like a movie star, but the hot and humid weather of Malaysia can leave your glamorous locks in a limp mess. Some women around the world really want to make the most of their blowout’s long-lasting potential, and aside from avoiding to wash their hair, they also find an interesting way to ward off sweat.

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Botox injections in the scalp have become an actual method to ward off sweating and keeping their hair free from moisture. While Botox is usually used in medical procedures to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, it does have other uses. Those who have hyperhidorosis which causes excessive sweating, can have Botox injections placed in the armpits, hands, and feet. The injections work to block the chemical process which triggers the sweat glands to start perspiring.

Doctors have said there is no obvious danger in this, but do you think it’s worth the $USD1,200 – $USD1500 treatment cost? Yikes!