During the month of Ramadhan, many bodily changes tend to occur due to our diet and sleeping patterns. For that reason, do stay being healthy, happy and energised with these wellness products as we count down the days to Aidilfitri. Check them out below:


1. Rilax Zzz

With waking up for sahur and adjusting to new meal times, our usual sleeping patterns may differ during the holy month. While adjusting to this new pattern, you may get an insufficient amount of sleep. To help you relax and get better sleep, try Rilax Zzz, a non-drowsy all-natural sleep supplement that is formulated with Lactium and L-theanine. By taking 1-2 capsules an hour before bed, Rilax Zzz sets the mood for you to get better rest so you’ll have more energy throughout the day even though you’re fasting.


2. TruDtox

Reduced water intake throughout the day and the sudden consumption of big meals during iftar can be a shock to our tummies, leading to gas, bloating and constipation. By drinking TruDtox tea, you can support your bowel health by flushing your natural detox functions to maintain a cleaner and healthier gut. This botanical tea works gently and is free of harsh laxatives. It contains a blend of imported European herbs, floras and teas, and is classified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health as a food product.


3. Marine Elements™

Without enough water, your skin can get dry easily. Keep your skin moisturised with the hypoallergenic Marine Elements™ Body Lotion that helps to soften the skin, allowing moisture and nutrients to penetrate deep down. With the patented Zonase X™ active ingredient, your skin’s moisture will be replenished, reducing inflammation and itchiness. It is also suitable for all skin types, including everyone with eczema or dry skin.

HA Booster Serum

4. Novexpert Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid

This French bestseller would be a lifesaver when your skin feels dehydrated. The Booster Serum with Hyaluronic Acid supplements the skin and it works with any skin type, leaving it feeling plump and moisturised. Novexpert takes pride in its all-natural, 100% hypoallergenic and biodegradable formula, and this serum can be applied everywhere (face, eye contour, neck, cleavage) and in any season or climate.

Find out more about these products or purchase them via selected pharmacies and Plincco.com.

Carmen Chong
YouTube-obsessed and a beauty junkie at heart. Find her on Instagram: @carthemen