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Our skin plays an essential role towards our self-image and self-confidence. Of course, we all develop scars and stretch marks over the course of time due to cuts, acne, post-operation, burn incidents, pregnancy or rapid weight gain/loss. But, with constant use of Bio-Oil, these skin imperfections can always be improved and reduced.

On average, people have three scars and naturally, they become conscious of their scars, making them feel insecure. Applying Bio-Oil on the scars can help reduce its appearance and colour, thereby reducing the need to cover them up. According to a clinical study conducted on Bio-Oil, 92% of subjects showed improvement in the appearance of scars after 8 weeks.

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Bio-Oil can also alleviate concerns when it comes to unsightly stretch marks. It helps reduce the possibility of stretch marks forming during pregnancy, teenage growth spurts and periods of rapid weight changes, as well as improving the appearance of existing stretch marks. A clinical study revealed that 100% of subjects showed an improvement in the existing stretch marks after applying Bio-Oil for 8 weeks.

Containing the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, Bio-Oil’s unique formulation ensures that the active ingredients are rapidly absorbed into the skin, without leaving a sticky residue. Its formulation consists of vitamins A & E, and natural plant oils – Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary and Chamomile.

The continuous use of Bio-Oil can help minimise, reduce and lighten scars and stretch marks. For the best results, use twice daily for a minimum of three months. You’ll definitely notice an improvement in your skin condition.

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