Raising The Bar (RTB) Fest 2016 returned with a bang last Saturday at the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre (KLPAC), attracting throngs of hip-hop fans who awaited the monstrous line up of acts like Joe Flizzow, Kayda, SonaOne, Basement Syndicate, Indiego and Co., and many more.

Raising the Bar began as a monthly, live hip-hop series that aimed to cultivate the hip-hop industry in Malaysia, and in 2013, RTB’s founder, Jin Hackman and his team initiated the first RTB Fest, a full-fledged, annual hip-hop festival. This time, RTB Fest was made possible through the webe community.


webe is an online platform in beta that aims to help make things happen for many Malaysian communities that are passionate about bringing positive change to Malaysia. Under the banner of Project Music, webe partnered with Jin to unlock RTB Fest 2016, thanks to the hip-hop community who voted, shared and campaigned for RTB.

Within two months, fans who supported RTB had to sign on at http://webe.com.my and spread the word on social media to engage more fans to the cause. Once a certain amount of shares and votes are pledged, the project gets unlocked and will be brought to life.


On top of stellar performances, visitors were treated to artistic activities, like the graffiti wall made up of tote bags. Once the wall was completed, the visitors also competed via on ground competitions for a chance to take home the one of a kind tote bag.

Check out and support the Malaysian hip-hop community via Raising the Bar’s official website or find out about other projects you may want to unlock at http://www.webe.com.my.