Belvedere Spritz with bottle_landscape

Belvedere Vodka is proud to celebrate its natural roots with the release of the ‘Be Natural’ manifesto. Portraying what being natural means to Belvedere, alongside the launch of the Belvedere Spritz Collection made of 100% natural and low-sugar cocktails. The manifesto outlines ten principles with one common message: Keep it simple, keep it real.

Crafted from just Dankowskie rye and artesian water, no additives or enhancements are added. This mixture is in accordance with the Polish geographical appellation, which protects a 600-year vodka making tradition, and doesn’t contain sugar.

Belvedere Spritz with watering can

Distilled from locally sourced raw ingredients from ten selected farms, this carefully cultivated, harvested and fermented rye is at the heart of Belvedere Vodka. Transformed by Polmos Zyrardow and diluted with water from its own artesian wells near Zyrardow, Belvedere is truly a product of its environment. In addition, all flavoured Belvedere vodka uses 100% fresh and natural ingredients.

Belvedere Spritz ingredients

Belvedere also chooses a minimal approach for its production and the Belvedere Spritz Collection has 12 low-sugar delicious and refreshing drinks with fruity flavours. Faithful to the popular spritz recipe, the Belvedere Spritz is prepared with a naturally flavoured modifier, topped off with sparkling and tonic water, then finished off with garnishing.

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