Whether it’s regarding his work or personal life, people do tend to talk about Justin Bieber.  And we have to say that 2016 is looking mighty fly for the Biebs so far.. Because hits like “What Do You Mean”, “Sorry” and “Love Yourself” have been on the billboard charts for quite awhile now haven’t they?

Despite almost hitting rock bottom with his constant legal problems and bad behaviour such as the DUI, drag-racing arrests, and remember that “egging incident”?  Biebs appears to be slowly showing us that he’s here to stay and he is in fact all grown up.

Recently the 21 year-old singer just won his first Grammys this year for the best dance recording for his track “Where Are Ü Now” together with Skrillex and Diplo.

He wasn’t there to accept the award alongside the two music producers but check out his response below:


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