Photo: Sistic Sg
Photo: Sistic SG

Swiss folk metal band and proponents of melodic death metal, Eluveitie (pronounced “El-Vey-Ti”), are set to rock Singapore for the very first time in 14 years.

Formed in 2002 by Chrigel Glanzmann, the band is excited to present a 2-hour face-melting show, featuring songs spanning their entire career. The crowd will be treated to songs from their first full band album, Spirit, right through to the band’s most recent work, Origins.

The eight members of Eluveitie are known to fill the rooms with their exquisitely brutal music, and immerse the audience in bone-breakingly heavy guitars, ferocious pummelling of drums faced-off with whistles, hurdy gurdy, bagpipes, flute and violin to deliver a metal experience like no other.

Eluveitie’s repertoire of songs revolve around the history and myths of Western Europe, where you will hear heroic tales of Kings and furious battles that are juxtaposed with serene narratives of lands lost and legends of bountiful Gods.

Sounds like a show you don’t want to miss!


Show Info

Date: Tuesday, 24th May 2016

Venue: *SCAPE, The Ground Theatre

Showtime: 8.00pm

For more information on tickets, visit Sistic’s website here.

If you are not too familiar with Eluveitie, click here to listen to their hit song The Call of the Mountains