Coachella’s next month, guys! Next. Month! Rather than bumming over the fact that most of us will not be attending one of the biggest music festival, we’re still looking forward to dressing up while streaming the event via Youtube!

Just early last month H&M announced their H&M Loves Coachella collection that will be hitting stores in Malaysia on 31st March 2016.

“Last year, H&M was the first brand to team up with Coachella to develop a clothing collection. The success was so rapid and so widespread, we decided to partner again to create an even richer offering this season. We love Coachella because we enjoy its democratic spirit and the bonding experience it creates. To us, Coachella is about using fashion and music to express energy and that is what is reflected in this collection,” says Ross Lydon, designer at H&M. What you’ll find in this post will be a mini guide on how to dress like you’re festival ready!

1. A little bit of layering goes a long way!

You can never go wrong with a pair of matching embroidery top (MYR 49.90) and shorts (MYR 59.90). Add a long Kimono gown (MYR 119) as the sun starts to set to change it up!

2. Denim cut-offs are in and here to stay

Pair your cut-off denim shorts that’ll make you look like you have legs for days (MYR 79.90) with a billowy top (MYR 49.90) to achieve the rugged yet chic look.

3. Switch up every once in awhile

Switching it up every now and then won’t hurt nobody. Try pairing a printed romper (MYR 49.90) with a long cardigan (MYR 119) or a funky crochet top (MYR 49.90) with a trusty dungaree (MYR 129). Did someone say boho-chic?!

4. Have fun with fashion

Don’t let anything restrict you from playing mix ‘n’ match because that’s literally the best part about dressing up for a festival! A girly, ethnic embroidery top (MYR 79.90) with a pair of ripped denim trousers (MYR 199) or a white crochet top (MYR 59.90) with a  fun, blood orange tassel skirt (MYR 129) that makes you look carefree while bumping to the best tunes!

5. Accessorize, accessorize and accessorize some more

Yes, less is more. But it’s Coachella. Be it a fedora (MYR 79.90), layered necklaces (MYR 49.90) or a pair of strappy, laced up sandals (MYR 119), this is the perfect time to strut it out!

Hope this was enough to get you festival-goers inspired! Don’t forget to put #HMLovesCoachella in your future #ootd posts!