Is it just or me or do I always find myself dumbfounded every time I try to think of what to get my mum for Mother’s Day? Like, what do you get someone who dealt with your daily tantrums since birth? Exactly.

Although knowing mothers, they will always love a little something something from the jewellery store. Despite it being big rocks or fine, delicate bracelets. Lucky for you and me, we no longer have to hurt our brain because Swarovski’s Mother’s Day collection (Alpha, Edify, Exist, Nude) has every piece that mothers would adore.


These pearls and crystalized earrings are the perfect go-to jewelry to dress the elegant mothers for brunch with her gals.


Gold plated bracelets give off the most glamorous vibes while the pearl ones make everything seem classier and just so easy to adore!


Being the only ring in this collection from the Alpha line, no doubt that this ring can shine and stand out on it’s own and will sure to let your mother know that she is queen!


There’s literally a design to cater according to the queen’s personality! If yours is like mine, then intricate and geometrical designs is the definite way to put a smile on her face where as pearls will win the hearts of mothers who love the 50s era.

These exquisite pieces range from MYR 325 till MYR 2,200.

Hope you already have a favourite design in mind!