Photo: Elite Daily
Photo: Elite Daily

Anywhere you go lately, you can find that certain food joints are getting a bit extreme with their latest food inventions. Some odd pairings actually do work while some are a hit and miss.

These folks at Pasticceria Caruso in Sydney, Australia definitely know how to make sure that their baked goods are worth the money (and traveling of course once you finish reading this!).


The Bazooka Cannoli!

A jaw-dropping dessert made from a gigantic cannoli shell filled with nothing but 50 small sized cannolis! Guess you can call that ‘Cannoli-ception’. Hehe. It’s insane to think that they actually bake these baddies on the daily!

“It came about by accident, really. We created it as a bit of joke for a relative’s birthday and we decided it looked like a huge bazooka gun, filled with cannoli, hence the name.” Josie Gagliano, spokeswoman for the bakery told Buzzfeed.

I will find you and I will indulge you, Mr Bazooka Cannoli!