Once in a while, everyone has those McDonald’s moments and let’s be honest, we all crave for some fries, a cheeseburger or an Oreo McFlurry from time to time. With this and regardless of how old you are, McDonald’s aims to share magical moments with all of you.


Recently, chicken lovers celebrated a night at McDonald’s in style with the coolest chicken burgers in town. For that special night, McDonald’s iconic chicken burgers like the McChicken, Spicy Chicken McDeluxe and GCB Burger even got a makeover as the food and drinks were served miniature.

We’re pretty sure you’ve had these burgers at least once! 😉

Yang Klasik – One of the oldest McDonald’s burgers that are still selling like hotcakes. The famous McChicken is best known for its chicken patty, shredded lettuce, toasted bun and classic mayo.

Yang Hangat – Another best-selling burger is the Spicy Chicken McDeluxe, which offers a spicy kick. The fiery chicken is 100% chicken breast meat, topped off with shredded lettuce and sandwiched in between toasted bun with special sauce. Sinfully irresistible!

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Yang Gempak – Remember the Grilled Chicken Burger? Those who love this particular burger are going to flip out as it has been made permanent in the McDonald’s menu. No matter the occasion or mood, a GCB will never fail to impress.

Enjoy scrumptious burgers from your nearest McDonald’s outlets or order online via McDelivery. Get your grub on!