Laneige’s new White Plus Renew Original Essence is developed with a new Cell-Water-Glow technology to revitalise melanin cells and dead skin cells for brighter skin overall. While the White Plus Renew Original Essence_EX still maintains its two Tones Up and Brightening in 8 weeks, Laneige has enhanced its patented Bio-brightening Technology – the Advanced MelaCrusher™.

The key ingredients to this formula are; Green tea protein improves skin pigmentation, skin darkening and dullness, Truffle Yeast Extract Concentrate x 2 – triggers the autophagy process to digest melanin along with toxins, waste and impurities and Saururus helps restore healthy colours to the skin by strengthening blood vessels in the dermis and helps to block melanin transfer.

A clinical study has proven that this product only takes 8 weeks to do its magic, and women have experienced improvements on the skin tone, moisture, gloss, translucency and colour homogeneity after this time duration.

The White Plus Renew skincare line from Laneige also includes these products:

270283759 WPR Bubble Cleanser

White Plus renewable Bubble Cleanser, 150ml (RM95) – A soft, bubbly foam that is smooth on sensitive skin and is super hydrating. It helps reduce pigments buildup and brightens the skin.

270283757 WPR Skin Refiner

White Plus Renew Skin Refiner, 120ml (RM111) – This product will balance out existing sebum and the moisture level of the skin. Its low viscosity gel with a milky texture immediately improves the skin’s transparency.

270283758 WPR Emulsion

White Plus Renew Emulsion, 100ml (RM127) – This emulsion works as a booster for brightening and complements the rest of the White Plus Renew line for more effective results. It gives off a cooling effect upon usage and leaves a silky, moist finish that instantly soothes dry skin.

White Plus Renew Spot Ampoule, 7g x 4 (RM230) – This works to brighten blemish spot in just 4 weeks, making the spot’s surrounding area healthy and free from future blemishes.

270283760 WPR Original Cream

White Plus Renew Original Cream, 50ml (RM174) – Formulated with powerful and active brightening compounds as well as moisturising agents, the cream shields the skin from external gunk.

White Plus Renew Capsule Sleeping Pack, 3ml x 16 (RM116) – Formulated with intensive brightening care, this sleeping pack is innovated with tiny capsules floating in a transparent gel that work to infuse the skin with essential nutrients while you’re asleep.

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