Photo: Elite Daily
Photo: Elite Daily

Every time I take the train and it’s packed to the brim (I’m talking about sardine can packed here), I try my best to not look at someone else because eye contact on really fast moving transportation is plain odd, also it’s super awks when you accidentally gaze at someone else’s text or Instagram feed. But sometimes you just can’t help it!

Scott Rogowsky (who played in “Millennials of New York” video) decided to see how aware other fellow subway riders are to their surroundings by reading books with fake book covers and taking a ride. He filmed their reactions too, of course. And they are hilarious!

It’s sort of surprising to see that quite a number of riders are aware of their surroundings after all!

How would you respond to a man on the subway reading a book on 1000 Places To See Before You’re Executed By ISIS on the subway?

Watch the clip below: